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The Advancement of Gaming Technology

Posted by on Dec 9, 2016 in Gaming News and Discussion |

In today’s’ modern society everything is very different from the time of your parents and your grandparents. Before everything was done manually but now with a press of a button it can be done. Not only the lifestyles are different from before, gaming has also become very different because thanks to technology, conquering new lands and increasing your economy is just a game away.

You might think that the time of your parents is pre-historic which will only mean that you have to learn and appreciate your gaming technology because those things never existed during the time of your grandparents or even your parents.

Because of gaming technology, it is making the impossible become possible. Before, if you wanted to drive cars you had to be old enough but thanks to the advancement of technology, even a ten-year-old can start driving a car, and that is thanks to gaming. Everything used to be hard and complex but now everything can be done in the palm of your hand.


If you want to start playing whatever games that come into your mind, it can happen because your cell phone is now capable of holding many games. It is not like before when if you wanted to have a lot of games, you would need a closet or space or even room to put all of your games in. But now you can play any game that you like using your phone but if you don’t like to play using your phone because it is too small, you can always use your gaming console or your computer.

Technology has made things easier when it comes to gaming because now you wouldn’t have to hassle yourself in finding board games in your closet because now you can just click on your gaming console or your computer and start playing your game without any hassle or worry. Because of technology, you are given a better way of playing games in the comfort of your home at any time because during your parent’s time, when it was time to stop playing it was time to stop.



Also in their time, they would have to spend time packing away or preparing the game, but today everything is just one click away from bliss. Because of the advancement of technology, your parents don’t have to worry when it comes to your safety because they know that your type of gaming is now indoors.

So, enjoy the beauty of the gaming technology because if you were to live at the time of your parents and grandparents where there was no such thing as the internet or gaming console.

It is also thanks to gaming technology that even though you are in your home, you can still communicate with your friends any time of the day within the comfort of your home because that feature didn’t exist for many people in your parent’s or grandparent’s time.

Game Design – Theory and Practice

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Gaming News and Discussion |

Mr. Richard Rouse III wrote the book called Game Design – Theory & Practice to help a lot of young people deal with different issues of game design. These problems contribute to “The elements of gameplay’’ as Mr. Rouse called them. In this book, everyone can read about all the various game design aspects starting with coming up with a good idea, to writing a design document, then executing the gameplay and playtesting what you have (the final product).

 Here you can read something about Julian Gollop and his opinion on his game X-Com – UFO Defense. Mr. Gollop says that in the end, they got a game which they had no idea of how to win. Even though he designed the whole game’s system, he didn’t know anything about the best tactics or strategies. He says that this is exactly what makes that game what it is today (an excellent strategy game).


What do you think about the elements?

Have you ever thought about strategy games? Have you ever thought of their design elements? Do you think that you know what makes up a fantastic game? I know, I know, you can never know these things and have the final answer, but I’m sure you thought about it at least once. If you want to be a game designer, people will expect you to know the answer to this question. Now, imagine some art form and compare it to understanding the design of some game. You may think that this is the understanding which is internalized, “the feeling’’ that you simply have.

On the other hand, you may not know how to put all this into simple words and how to get your answer, but there is something that you must comprehend. For example, it is important that you understand the game aspects (which ones are weak and which are strong,) and that you can always replace the latter with much more of the past. As both a game player and a designer, it is an important that you have some experience because it will help you make a game interesting and fun for people. 

What is important?

In his book, Mr. Rouse discusses some of the game qualities, and he mentions many different topics about creating a good game. He says that it was impossible to list all that he knows since he knows so much about understanding the games, but he also says that the most important of all is to have that “sixth sense’’.  Have you ever heard someone talking about his favorite game thus explaining the best tactic for winning? Well, Mr. Rouse always tries not to make any tactics because he wants to let us be creative and succeed in our way.

He also says that a good game designer needs to guess what players will try to do and make that game respond to any of their actions. If you decide to read this book, you will see that he mentions the method in which a designer comes up with the system where the objects (weapon, blood or rocks) have their weight – so it is harder to move them. What do you think about this?

Top Bike Race Hacks Online

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Gaming News and Discussion |

Do you like mobile games? If you do you’ve probably tried most of them only to determine, that bike race games are the ones that give you the best racing experience.

You already know that there is a lot of bikes that are locked and that in order to unlock them you have to complete certain challenges and spend hours and hours playing same levels.

We have good news for you! Now you can use bike race hacks to get the most out of the game without spending eternity on attempts to unlock game content.

How do they work?

Bike race cheats don’t work in the same way as most game cheats do. Usually, cheats for games gives you extra lives, health or better weapons. In this game, you don’t have better weapons and equipment, but you do have better bikes. What these hacks do is that they unlock the game’s content so even players that didn’t play the game before can enjoy and play with best bikes on advanced levels.

To download cheats simply search for them online by typing bike race all bikes unlock in Google search bar. Once you find them, you need to download the files on your computer. After the download is complete and you have cheat files on your desktop, you can transfer them to your phone.

Connect the phone, make sure that the app is closed on your phone, and simply transfer the downloaded files in the game directory. You can’t miss just open the drive that represents your connected phone and paste the files.


Unlocking game content.

Once you’ve transferred cheats to your game directory, you can unplug your phone from your computer and start the game. The only thing is that they will reset your progress, but you will have all bikes from the game available at the start. But this is not all, now that you got your cheats you can play any level that you want.

When you start the game most of the levels are locked, cheats only unlock them so you can have fun and get the most out of bike race games. You can try any bike you want and find the one that you like most. Golden bike is usually the best choice for beginners as is has a balanced performance and will behave impressive on most terrains.

Multiplayer games.

Don’t forget that these hacks work on multiplayer too. So grab your hacks and install them to compete with a top player online. They won’t give you an advantage over better bikes, so it’s on you to determine which bike is the best one for a specific type of terrain or level.

Once you understand how each of these fantastic bikes performs you can test your skills with bike race veterans in an online game. The key is to master one bike and then move to another one.

If you look online harder enough you will find a Bike Race hack file,  and you can then start your online gaming sessions and beat top players online.

Making the right decision in the game design

Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in Gaming News and Discussion |

Creating great and exciting games isn’t easy. I have seen many guides that tell people how easy they can earn money in this business. I have also seen people losing money because their games failed to excite the audience.

I spent my share of time working in a gaming company, and I learnt many things about game design. The developer should always follow some basic steps that will make their game enjoyable and entertaining. If you aren’t familiar with those steps, then let me introduce them.

–    A game should have its target audience. This is achieved through theme and premise. A game whose theme isn’t connected to its gameplay will not succeed. The concept of the game should be closely tied to the topic. Players want meaningful gameplay, not something broken and disconnected.


–    You aren’t creating a virtual world through a game but you are creating social activities. A player needs to interact with other players (or with AI in a case of singleplayer) and the environment. A game is nothing else but a learning process. In that process, the player learns the rules of the game and applies the knowledge to overcome the obstacles.

–    A game has to be fun for all people that play it. Every step in the creation of the project needs to be double-checked. Whenever you incorporate something new in the game, you have to ask yourself whether it is interesting for people who will play it. Gaming is a form of entertainment, and your game has to entertain its players.

–    Every game designer has a mechanic that he likes. Many games failed due to this preference. The designer puts that game mechanic in his work, and it doesn’t connect with the overall gameplay. As someone who designs games, you have to forget about your favorite mechanics. If a mechanic works in the game, keep it, if it doesn’t then it has no place in the project.

–    The target audience has its desires, and you have to understand them. A good example of the failure to read the audience can be found in sequels. Many sequels have brought the franchise to its knees because the designers added some things that didn’t resonate with people who loved the previous game. This doesn’t mean that every sequel should be the same as its prequel; it means that game designers should listen to the audience and add things the majority of the people would like to see.

–    Games with the focus on the plot must have an excellent story.  The failure to write a good and exciting story in a game that concentrates on the plot will ruin the game. A similar thing can be said for games that focus on fighting. If the primary objective of a game is in the melee combat, then the battle system needs to be extremely well made. Other things have to be good, but the main aspect of the game has to shine.

Basic principles of game design

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Gaming News and Discussion |

Game designers that fail to incorporate some basic game design principles in their creations produce bad games. This happens more often than you could imagine. Due to this, we have a plethora of games no one plays. To avoid this, you have to follow some core principles of game design.

No matter whether the game is complex or linear, it needs to have proper gameplay balance. The majority of new games offer multiple ways in which a player can complete a task (for example, shortcut in a racing game).


The game designer has to balance the difficulty of those choices. In this case, we can talk about the shortcut. The alternative path gives the edge to the player as they cut down the time it takes to finish the race.

The alternative path needs to be more complicated than the standard road to balance the choices. The player has to ask themselves whether they want to take the safe route or to risk their time by going through the shortcut.

Getting feedback from the game is also vital. A player needs to get the feedback to understand whether they are doing the right thing or not. Game design plays the main role in the feedback aspect of a game.

Whenever a player completes an action, the game should respond with either positive or negative feedback. The feedback tells the player whether they are on the right path or not.

The game needs to flow and keep the player interested. Game difficulty is one of the elements that determine the number of hours a player will spend on that match. A weak challenge will make players prone to distractions, and they will abandon the game.

High difficulty and the players will get frustrated, and they will quit. Different difficulty settings do help, but the most important thing is the difficulty curve. A game should become harder as the player progresses. In this way, the player will always face the challenge, and they will have to find new things that will help them to progress.

3A game should reward the player for completing tasks within it. There are different ways in which this can be accomplished. Scoring the players performance is a simple way to praise them for their success.

Another way a game designer can reward the player is to give useful items (skills) to those players who accomplish a task in a certain matter.

Offering better rewards to players who do better in the game is another form of encouragement some game designers use. This gives the player an incentive to play better and to continually improve.

A game should be easy to learn but hard to master. This type of thinking creates games that people play for hundreds of hours. The learning curve shouldn’t be too steep, but the game should be hard enough to master.

If a player learns all secrets of the game in several hours, they will become bored with it. The same can be said about learning the game. If a player can’t learn the game’s basic mechanics in an hour or two, then they will never play it.

Lack of Innovations in First Person Shooters

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in Are FPS Games All The Same?, Gaming News and Discussion, No More Innovation in FPS Games |

The ridiculousness, lack of innovation and general repetitiveness of new first person shooter games is well known. Last four or five years brought nothing new in the world of FPS and people are getting tired of the same games being named differently.

This is not a problem seen in a developer or two, and this is a problem of the whole gaming industry. We could talk about the disappearance of the strategy games in the last few years, but that is not the point. The problem with bad FPS games is that they are hitting the market.

maxresdefault (1)Call of Duty franchise is the forerunner of this genre, along with the Battlefield, and their games became repetitive. Last four Call of Duty games play in the same fashion, and the only difference between those games is whether there is a wall-running feature in it or not. The single player in those games is dreadful with the apparent lack of good ideas. Multiplayer is fast-paced and uninteresting for most of the FPS fans. The idea of the sci-fi FPS games is ridiculous and outdated, but they still force it. The lack of imagination in the creation of those games is evident, and only hardcore fans see something new and groundbreaking in them.

SnowspeederThe Battlefield franchise held its ground for a long time with new ideas and new features. The disappointment of the Battlefront was something that no one could anticipate. The hype for the Star Wars FPS game was big, and everyone expected a game that would bring them something new out of the genre. But the new game failed even to scratch the gameplay of the last Battlefront, a timeworn game. The player complained about the forums, and they all said that the guns in this game felt like the guns from the previous Battlefield. The only difference was that they shot lasers instead of the bullets which obviously disappointed everyone.

The whole genre is in a state of staleness and stagnation. Real FPS feel is something every gamer forgot. The games are overcomplicated and yet they lack a certain feel. Developers don’t seem to care about the diversity in their creations they only care about medals, kill streaks and achievements. Last good and pretty realistic game that hit the market was ARMA 3 and up to this day no game came even close to it.

Before this whole sci-fi thing, the FPS games were a focus on two World Wars, and at the beginning of that era, the games were excellent. After a while, they also lost their appeal as there was nothing new in them. New Battlefield is set in World War One, and the hype for that game is enormous. But the more experienced players still have some fears. Their main concern is that the game will feel same as these sci-fi games, and the only difference will be in the textures.

We do hope that the Battlefield One will have more innovative gameplay and less focus on killstreaks. And we also hope that it will revive the FPS genre and that we will see more good FPS games in near future.

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